Born in Cracow, Poland, studied jazz at Jazz Department of Music Academy in Katowice by Piotr Wojtasik, received title Bachelor of Music.

Performed with:

Poland: Cracow Philharmonic, Opera under direction of Roland Bader, Krzysztof Penderecki, Jerzy Maksymiuk, Stanisław Radwan, Jerzy Katlewicz, Tadeusz Strugała, theaters Slowackiego, Ludowy, Bagatela, musicians: Janusz Witko, Leszek Nowotarski, Leszek Szczerba, Grzegorz Piętak, Piotr Domagała, Jacek Tarkowski, Marek Buchowicz, Józef Michalik, Sławomir  Berny, Łukasz Adamczyk and many others, bands:  Blood Money which won 1st price at famous polish blues festival Rawa Blues, Jazzgot,  Red Tag, El Cencerro, El Sabor, Salonowa Orkiestra Camerata, my own jazz quartet and many others.

Germany: Independent, Dr. Quincy and his Lemon Shakers, Clemens Maria Haas Welt Swing Orchester, Triple Espresso, Tom's Wilder Süden, Mr.Tom goes Groovy, Nightline Blue, Lynette Haynes Band, Prof. Alban & die Heimleuchter, Funk Kartell, Big Band Balingen, Brass Vibration Jazz Big Band.

Made several trumpet workshops and studio recordings. 

Trumpet teacher, conductor of brass band MV Wittershausen.

C. J. Project are: Jerzy Cielecki trumpet and flugelhorn

                            Hans-Peter Hofmeister piano

                            Wolfgang Heinzelmann bass

                            Albert Hehn drums


Play exclusively REtrumpet instruments by Kuba Jankowiak in Puszczykowo (near Poznan) PL.

Equipment: trumpet: custom REsponse C. J. raw brass, cooper plated bell with shepehrd's crook,

mouthpieces: Monette Prana B11S5 STC3, Monette Prana MFIII.

flugelhorn: custom REhorn Hub raw brass with cooper plated bell,

mouthpieces: Flip Oakes X5, Legend Brass Superflugel.



New album was released on 20th of July 2023 Available on streaming platforms and as CD for 14,99€ + shipping